Pay by wallet

We are going by our brand promise to make your life easier by launching the Mobile Wallet. Customers who download the application will be able to pay for all PayWay products like URA taxes, National Water bills, Power bills, City taxes, buy Internet bundles, pay for TV subscription and much more from their smart phones. The product is very user friendly, one will only need to download the application from the Google Play Store, load PayWay stock and use it as and when one needs to. You can replenish your account by visiting the PayWay self-service Kiosk and choosing wallet top-up option. You will also enjoy an option of sending Mobile Wallet credit to someone else with the Mobile Wallet account.

Mobile Wallet is your 'Bank' because you can withdraw or deposit money from any PayWay location, do the shopping, withdraw or deposit money from your Mobile wallet to the banks integrated with Mobile Wallet.